The Arts and Culture committee aims to empower not only young artists but the youth in general. We want to create a tangible change by mobilising the youth through both involvement in and awareness about the current arts and culture scene on our doorstep. 

Art is a very accessible tool for empowerment and expression. The Arts and Culture committee aims to show people that they can utilize their creative skills and talents to make a difference in the world, both by holding a critical mirror up to society and inspiring a positive and united mindset in SA. Art is also important as it is a global language; it has no boundaries in terms of culture, language and religion and is something that anyone can relate to. 

The Arts and Culture committee also aims to bring together young artists from around South Africa, to form a network of like-minded individuals who can support each other and collaborate with one another, which will ultimately use the universality of art to cross the many divisions that we see far too often in South Africa.

Art is not just pretty pictures and light entertainment: art is a great unifier, a tool for promoting awareness by critically reflecting on society and an educational tool that can provide useful skills development and simultaneously inspire self-confidence in the youth of SA.