The JJC:

The Johannesburg Junior Council (JJC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that consists of 72 young, brilliant and inspired leaders in grade 11, coming from 36 different schools around Johannesburg. There are six committees [Sports and Recreation, Council Well-being, Arts and Culture, Advocacy, Outreach and Environment], addressing their respective aspects in the community. 

JJC focuses mainly on identifying and solving problems faced by the youth on a day-to-day basis. We are an example of what the youth can do, being able to voice concerns and spread our work to those that aren't fortunate enough to express their situations. Our councillors come from many backgrounds, better representing the youth of South Africa, allowing us to address problems affecting all young people by means of active change. JJC also increases its reach to helping any groups of people who need it, in the aim of inspiring them to help those around them. 

It's not a case of those with means helping those without. It's a case of helping who you can to assist them in getting out of their bad situations. Creating awareness is not enough, it must come with action. We aim to prove to the world that awareness is only the first step to tangible change and action is the meat that solves problems.

 Young people are NOT the leaders of tomorrow, they are leaders of NOW! There is no age on leadership. These councillors are the most brilliant people I know, but we can't do it ourselves. We can make change if we get involvement. Please get involved to support our causes and help us in the events we run. You CAN change the world if you act now. Don't wait for somebody else to do it because you are that somebody. Be the change and support us as we aim to do the same.