As a long established institution in Johannesburg, The Johannesburg Junior Council (JJC) is presently comprised of 74 Junior Councillors, all of whom are Grade 11 students, nominated by 40 participating secondary schools in the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan area.  It is a great honour and responsibility to be elected as a member of this council.

There are no criteria for a school to join the JJC; the only requirement is the desire to participate.

The JJC was established in Johannesburg in 1928, making it one of the first in South Africa.  It was formally associated with the Johannesburg City Council and is now a registered NGO (052/457/NPO), completely self-sufficient and run by the youth of Johannesburg.

The JJC is comprised of a Governing Body, an Executive Committee, Chairpersons of six committees and their committee members.  The Executive comprises of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Speaker of House, Chief Whip, Secretary and Public Relations Officer. The six committees - Youth Awareness, Welfare, Sports and Recreation, Arts and Culture, Ecology and Contact - are each managed by a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson and are governed by a constitution.

Among many things the JJC is committed to developing future leaders and upstanding citizens of this country, whilst at the same time making our city a better place to live.


The Mini Council has six committees:

The Councillors are responsible for electing their own leadership after working together for approximately three months.  There is assistance and mentoring by the Governing Body that is comprised of parents of past and present Junior Councillors and is governed by a constitution.


  1. To develop an interest in civic and community affairs.
  2. To develop an awareness of those less-privileged and of problems within the community.
  3. To develop leadership potential of our city’s high school youth.
  4. To capacitate the youth for better leadership in line with the country’s constitution.
  5. To promote contact and co-operation between school leaders in all communities.
  6. To represent the youth accurately and fairly.


Implementation of the above objectives is implemented on an on-going basis and through activities that include the following:
  1. Providing community services to the under-privileged and the indigent.
  2. Organising relevant projects to alleviate burdens of organisations and people in need.
  3. Actively representing the youth by voicing opinions and acting against injustices where necessary.

The JJC holds general meetings fortnightly, while the six committees organise an average of one event a month.  Every councillor is well equipped in facilitating events and coordinating the necessary resources.

In the future we hope to transform and grow this extraordinary organisation to benefit those less fortunate on mass proportions.  It is through the involvement and generosity of organisations and people that the JJC is able to exist and fulfil its obligation to the Greater Johannesburg society.