The JJC motto perfectly encapsulates our aim as the Advocacy committee – to be “A Voice for Change”.

The saying that “The youth are the leaders of tomorrow” isn’t actually true. It should read: “The youth are the leaders of today”. That’s what the Advocacy committee is about - giving the youth a voice as well as providing a platform for the youth to bring about the change they want to see in South Africa.

We aim to:
- Inspire and unite the youth of Joburg so that we can unlock our true potential for shaping society for the better.
- Speak out against injustices in our society, to ensure that all South Africans don’t just have rights in theory but in practice as well.
- Empower the youth of SA to become leaders in their own right.

In the Arab Spring, the youth proved to the world that we are capable of toppling dictators if we so wish. If that lies within our capability, then what doesn’t?