The JJC aims to inspire unity and compassion in the youth of Johannesburg – but if we are to inspire unity, we must ourselves be united. Council Wellbeing aims to build lasting relationships, foster open communication and instil a sense of family between councillors, enabling our organization to work harmoniously and effectively towards our goal. After all, in the words of JK Rowling “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
However, Council Wellbeing doesn’t only help us to achieve our goals as a council – it is a goal in and of itself. We aim to make the JJC as fun as possible while still getting the job done, and as a result councillors leave our organization with good memories and close friendships that bridge all divides that we see far too often in South African society. 

Social activism and community service don’t always have to be about self-sacrifice.